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Week 7: August 5th-9th

With the first full week of August came water week! This meant the days were spent outside cooling down in the pool and playing with water squirters, the sprinker, water balloons and the hose! The blue room and some of the older green room children got to take a trip down to Water Wizz for the day Tuesday. Meanwhile the rest of the Green Room children played at Fletcher Field and then went to Spruce Pond for some much needed ice cream. On Thursday the Green Room children went to WWII Veterans Memorial Park in North Attleboro to see the animals, explore the woods and play on the playground. Friday was spent preparing for our camp sleepover that took place later that night! After dinner, all the children came back to camp for a night of fun filled with s’mores, dancing and barley any sleeping. Some brave campers slept in tents in the backyard while the others camped out inside and watched movies. Saturday morning, we woke up (those of us who slept) and had some donuts and waited for our parents!

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