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Weekly Camp Blog 2021 
quick recap of what we did at camp!


June 21st -25th: Schools Out!

Yay! Schools Out! After this crazy school year, it is safe to say we have never been so ready for summer! The week was spent getting to know new friends and welcoming back old friends. Together we all enjoyed our first days of freedom by splashing in the pool, eating freeze pops and getting into the summer groove! The highlight of our week was our annual field trip to Canobie Lake Park! We has so much fun riding roller coasters, eating cotton candy and playing the water park. What a great way to kick off summer!!

June 28th -July 2nd:Born in the USA

Nothing says summer like a heat wave!! Due to the intense heat a we spent our time outside in any type of water we could! Between the pool, slip n' slide, water balloons, water squirters and various water games, we were able to stay cool and beat the heat! 

When we weren't splashing around, we were busy preparing for the upcoming holiday with red, white and blue crafts, bracelets and treats! The older boys were extra creative this week and made catapults and marshmallow launchers! 


July 12th - 16th: Welcome To The Jungle

After a relaxing week off, we returned ready to jump right back into camp! To kick off our jungle week the Green Room children created animal masks and held a parade around the building. Popcorn and a $1 movie was the cure to our rainy day blues on Tuesday! We headed over to Regal Cinemas where we turned the theater into our own dance party! The next day we were back on the road for our center field trip to Southwick's Zoo! We had such a fun day seeing animals and feeding birds, goats and deer. Thursday the Blue Room headed out for another field trip to swim at Miss Colleen’s house and enjoy some Ice Cream at Rosewood’s Restaurant. The Green Room took advantage of the Blue Room's absence by treating themselves to extra swim time and even sneaking into the Blue Room for lunch and quiet time (shhhh dont tell!). They also worked on some crafts while the older children were gone, including some awesome elephants with party blower trunks. On Friday we really embraced our creative side by filling our day with crafts. We made sidewalk paint, did animal scratch art masks and even got to paint outside on a big shower curtain! 


July 19th - 23rd: Fun & Fitness

This weeks theme was Fun & Fitness which meant lots of games and relays. Some of these activities included a potato sack races, an interactive rock paper scissors game, four square volley ball and paint tag! For our field trips the blue room enjoyed a hike at Dimond Hill in Cumberland RI and of course stopped across the street at the Ice Cream Machine afterward! The Green Room headed over to Choate Park in Medway MA to enjoy a nature walk around their pond and got to cool off afterward in their splash pad! On Thursday both rooms headed down to Cape Cod to their Inflatable Park. Between all their bounce houses, inflatable games, obstacle courses and water park it is safe to say we had a fun day! Another notable highlight from our week is our new inflatable elephant sprinkler we got to play with at camp! Our Green Room children decided to name her “Ellie” and she is a great addition to our backyard! 

IMG_4381 2.JPG

July 26th - 30th: Carnival Week

Another busy week in the books! The Blue Room spent all week designing games for the Green Room to play at Thursday’s carnival at camp! The older children came up with game ideas and built them all on their own for the younger campers to enjoy. Throughout the week we also did some carnival related activities like making clown ice cream sundaes and cotton candy puffy paint pictures. On Thursday everyone got to enjoy games, prizes, face paint, cotton candy, a bounce house and even a giant water slide during our annual carnival at Elementree! It was so much fun for all involved and one of our favorite days of summer. 


Weekly Camp Blog 2019:
quick recap of what we did this week at camp!


WEEK 1: June 17th -21st

As the school year came to an end the campers geared up for a summer of fun! The first week of camp was spent meeting new friends and learning the routine of camp. Since it was a rainy week, the time was mostly filled with arts and crafts as well as inside games and dancing to get our energy out! Every time the sun peaked out we would spend as much time outside as possible. The children were very excited to see the pool finally open for the summer and enjoyed swimming along with some other water play. The green room learned the first camp song of the summer called the Penguin Song! We also learned how to play paint tag and made some homemade ice cream in a bag! We defiantly made the most out of this rainy first week at camp!


Week 2: June 24th-28th

Thankfully the second week of camp was  sunnier allowing us to enjoy some more time soaking up the sun! We used this time to learn a new game called steal the bacon and to make our own bubbles and bubble wands!  In preparation for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, we made American Flag t-shirts and a sparkler treat made of marshmallows, white chocolate and pop rocks. Our second camp song of the summer known as the donut song was introduced. One Thursday we went on out 24thannual field trip to Canobie Lake Park. Although very hot and sunny it was a successful day and we were able to cool off in their new water park! 

Week 3: July 8th - 12th

Everyone returned from their week off of camp ready to jump right back in the swing of things. We added to our list of camp songs by learning the yogi bear song and learned to play reverse hide and seek. Tuesday we took a field trip to Franklin Park Zoo. We got to see all different kinds of animals and some of us even fed some birds and goats! Lucky for us we also got to take another field trip later in the week! While the blue room went to Miss Colleen’s house to enjoy her big pool and diving board, the green room headed to Dacey Field to play on the playground and go on a hike. We found many salamanders and even got to splash around in a little river! Both groups met back up at Rosewoods for some much needed ice cream! 


Week 4: July 15th-19

In the spirit of this week’s Fun and Fitness Theme, we spent most of the days outside playing group games! This included games like capture the flag, doctors and spies, pickle and basketball! The green room children spent the day Tuesday at Choate Park in Medway. Not only did we hike around the beautiful lake and explore the woods, we also got to cool off in their splash pad! On Wednesday, both rooms took a field trip to the cape cod inflatable park! After a long day of jumping on the inflatables, we headed to the water park to relax. Back at camp on Thursday, we had a day full of relay races. After all the fitness fun, we took Friday to relax with swimming and freeze pops!

Week 5:July 22nd - July 26th

Since Miss Colleen was on Vacation this week there were no big field trips! Instead, we decided to throw a carnival at camp. In preparation, the blue room spent the first half of the week creating games for the green room to play. Meanwhile the green room got ready for the carnival by doing some carnival themed crafts. Some of the crafts we made were cotton candy puffy paint pictures and elephant masks with party blowers. Both rooms also had some carnival themed snacks like popcorn and make your own clown ice cream sundaes. Thursday was the big day! Our carnival was finally here and was full of games, face painting, and prizes! We also enjoyed a bouncy house, an inflatable water slide and even a real cotton candy machine! The week ended on a creative note as we made Forky from Toy Story 4. 


Week 6: July 29th - August 2nd

Week 6 of camp was an eventful one! The week kicked off with a field trip to the movies! Most of us sang along to the live-action Lion King while some of the older children went to see the new Spiderman movie. Wednesday the green room children hung back at the center while the blue room children went to Hopkinton State Park. While there, some of the children went fishing and some were lucky enough to catch a fish! Since we had so much fun at  Franklin Park Zoo earlier in the summer, we decided to take another trip to the zoo Thursday. This time we headed to Southwick’s Zoo where we saw many new animals and got to feed goats, deer and even birds! On Friday, Miss Tricia brought in some PVC pipes which we used with the hose in the sandbox!

Week 7: August 5th-9th

With the first full week of August came water week! This meant the days were spent outside cooling down in the pool and playing with water squirters, the sprinker, water balloons and the hose! The blue room and some of the older green room children got to take a trip down to Water Wizz for the day Tuesday.  Meanwhile the rest of the Green Room children played at Fletcher Field and then went to Spruce Pond for some much needed ice cream. On Thursday the Green Room children went to WWII Veterans Memorial Park in North Attleboro to see the animals, explore the woods and play on the playground. Friday was spent preparing for our camp sleepover that took place later that night! After dinner, all the children came back to camp for a night of fun filled with s’mores, dancing and barley any sleeping. Some brave campers slept in tents in the backyard while the others camped out inside and watched movies. Saturday morning, we woke up (those of us who slept) and had some donuts and waited for our parents! 


Week 8: Aug 12-16

            Jumping right into the fun on Monday, the Blue Room and some of the older Green Roomers headed to Breezy Picnic Grounds to hang by the lake and ride water slides all day. Back at the center, the Green Room took advantage of the empty building with extra swim time! On Wednesday the Green Room celebrated Wacky Wednesday with a costume contest and wacky arts and crafts. The day then ended with a pie eating contest in which both rooms participated in. On Thursday both rooms headed their separate ways on field trips. While the Green Room headed back to Choate Park and then over T.C. Scoops, the Blue Room went to Diamond Hill for a hike and rewarded themselves with a pit stop to the ice cream machine. Like most Friday’s, we spent the day Friday relaxing with some free choice.and an arts and craft project where we painted with cars! 

Week 9: Aug 19-23

As the last week of summer camp rolled around, we spent our remaining days soaking up every bit of summer we could! This meant extra pool time and ending every day with a freeze pop! On Wednesday we took our last field trip of the summer to Kimball Farms.  Between the bumper boats, batting cages, mini golf and the ice cream, I think it’s safe to say we saved the best for last! As a reward for a great summer we had a surprise Ice Cream party on Thursday! As we prepared for the beginning of the school year, we spent Friday relaxing outside with our friends! 


Monday August 24th

            Today was the official last day of summer! We said goodbye to some of our camp friends who will not be coming during the school year and met some new school year friends! Ending the summer with a bang, a parent kindly asked the ice cream man to pay us a visit! This certainly helped our end of summer blues! A huge thank you to all the campers, staff and parents for a wonderful summer and we cannot wait to do it all again next year! Have a wonderful school year! See you in June!

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